?Q: Can we trial the class and decide after that whether to enrol

A: As our classes are deliberately small, it’s difficult to allow cancellations once the class is committed as it affects the dynamic of the small group - your child represents as much as a third of the class! Our approach to enable you to get a feel for the class is to invite you to a visit a class that’s running at the end of the previous term; and if this is not possible, to watch some of our videos that have captured the classes. Often we find that it might take a couple of weeks to settle into the culture of the session; and we recommend you ‘trial’ it for the whole term to properly settle your child into the benefits of our program

?Q: Do you accept the Creative Kids Voucher

A: As of July 2023 we no longer accept Creative Vouchers.

?Q: Do your fees include GST

A: As of July 2023 we are not required to charge GST

?Q: Can we enrol part way through a term

A: Yes it is possible if there is a slot available; our teachers can welcome the new student into the small group and bring them up to speed as much as possible. Please contact us if there’s a class you wish to enrol into; we will email you a discount code that will subtract the classes that have already happened so you will only be charged for the future classes in that term

?Q: If we are away or can’t make it on a week, do we receive a refund

A: Unfortunately we can’t provide refunds for missed weeks during the term. Our costs are fixed and we set up classes based upon a term by term commitment. Being online, classes can actually be taken from anywhere with an internet connection, so we encourage you to prepare your child if you are not at home that week; bring their books, device and headphones, have their homework done early, and you’d be surprised how possible it is for children to get into the zone - even if they’re in a different environment

?Q: Will any photos or videos be shared publicly from the lessons

A: We record the sessions primarily for the benefit of our teaching and learning community. From time to time we may select a part of a recorded class or screenshot/photo which will include students to use for promotion purposes. If you have any issue with this, please let us know

?Q: Can we enrol if we do not live in Australia

A: Yes it is possible to enrol, though our fees are charged in AUD; your payment will be converted from your local currency. Our teachers are bilingual in Mandarin and English only

?Q: Will my child become a fluent mandarin speaker

A: By the time children read the YCT4 level, our aim is to bring your child to basic fluency in reading, writing and speaking; the level you might attain to set you up for year 11 and 12 LOTE in high school. Each child will differ in how much they embrace week by week, but our program encourages children, together with their parent’s support, to practise their learnings over the week; send through audio recordings and photograph their writing homework, and doing this consistently we have found makes a significant impact in the child’s ability to retain their learnings

?Q: Is there any measure of my child’s progress

A: We provide the option for all our YCT students to sit the exam at the end of the year. This is not compulsory though our teachers work to prepare every student with the knowledge required for the exam. At the end of the year, all students have progressed to the next level, unless they prefer to repeat. We also record a few sessions each term on the platform, which gives parents the opportunity to playback and observe their child in class. This is a great feedback tool for parents as well as our community of teachers